Go Easy On the Pagans

I recently started new part time work at a restaurant. I can’t complain since I get a free supper, and get paid for helping people fill their stomachs. I also get to watch loads of MTV, since that’s all that the restaurants TV is left on. Whenever I want to change it to something interesting like the Discovery Channel, I’ll only get to see a few seals, and then it’ll be back to the usual adolescent girl jingling her fake wig, and flashy clothes.

Anyway last night was a quiet night. I get to work with a rather nerdy 29 year old guy, who makeas me feel seriously mature. Most of the time when I see a guy whose more a birhgt-eyed boy than man, the warning words (Watch Out He’s A Christian!) normally float through my head. But this time I didn’t want to be too hard on the blood and judgement thing. So continued to work with him, and sure as nuts, he couldn’t resist and told me about his ‘faith’.

It really doesn’t matter to me. When I told him it wasn’t my kinda thing, that made matters worse. If I lied and told him I was all holy and righteous, I could’ve got away with a lot less preaching…but I couldn’t put myself in that category. I’m talking to him telling him that my folks were pretty lame when I burst upon the world in all my screaming glory. They gave me a normal run-of-the-mill name that came out of the Bible. I was okay wth it back then since I didn’t know life out of the cot. A name is something you live with. Having a name becomes like an old shoe that you wear, and eventually you’re aware of its creases and the sound it makes.

This was how we moved onto the conversation of god, and believing. After he told me about how true and reliable everything was I said this to him. I first quoted Ghandi saying, “I’d be a Christian…if it weren’t for Christians.” He gave a nervous laugh at the statement. I continued and said to him, “What if you’re wrong? What if all this time and energy has gone to nothing?” Well, he didn’t have an answer to that…

All he said was that he’d rather have a back up plan. All I’m saying is c’mon Bible Bashers, give us pagan people a break. I know Happy Heathens are probably more scary because people outside of the ‘true faith’ should be lost and confused, but just keep to yourself. You would go give people advice on how to discipline their children, or how to behave in public, because that would be considered an insult. Well, since your perspective on life is even more personal consider it an insult if you try and convince people you know better. I see it as a form of harassment…so go easy on the Pagans!