Four Horsemen (documentary)

So it’s too early for me to make any New Year’s resolutions, although one thing I’d like to do is to post documentary that really forced me to think…here is one of them.

Bearing in mind that I have no degree or work experience in finance, this film is essentially about everything that is wrong with the banking system. It focuses mainly on America, and uses cleverly constructed arguments and reasons why things have failed. If you are not entirely satisfied with my broad overview, you can go to good ole Wikipedia and read about it here.

On the other hand…if you’re not a summary kinda guy rather just scroll down to the YouTube video below. I’m actually considering showing this to a bunch of friends, and then chatting about it over dinner. I suggest you do the same!


PS – I guess I should be wishing you a Merry Christmas given the date I’m posting this πŸ˜€ Phew…now that I’ve got that off my chest…go watch this and grow you brain! *sheepish grin*

Junk, Thoughts

The best movie recipe

I have a confession to make…I actually have an addiction problem. Well maybe the word ‘addiction’ has been over used. It is more like a movie problem. I’ve become somewhat a movie junkie. This all started when I got my first computer that could play movies with minimal effort. Anyway my actual addiction stems from my movie problem…


Coffee and Chocolate Cookies!

Screw the popcorn and coke, and the giant bag of sweets. I refuse to be Americanised. The only thing that can fill you up properly and still keep you awake is the power of coffee. The reason I say this is, while I’m watching a movie, I have to be doing something else. I’m to hyperactive to only do one thing while I watch a movie. I’m also turning out to be quiet the caffeine junkie nowadays πŸ˜€




WTF having its vengeance…

Yesterday I was talking to my brother, using the what-the-fuck expression. We were shooting the shit, talking about Acronyms and how pointless they can be if you’re a total noob (inexperienced person).

You could be on chat and say something like:

raiNmAn38: soz gtg afk bbl…l8r.

Now a noob would literally be saying wtf at this point, while an experienced chatter would shrug his shoulders, and go find something else to do. I can’t help but feel that text messaging as well as IM (instant messaging) is killing the English language. Yes, I know I am old-school; it must’ve been the poetry that started me off on that tangent. And for some reason, I only got a cell phone (for the first time) when I was 17…yep that in itself is a sad story.

Anyway, the digital age is upon us, its taking over our lives! If you really want to be freaked out go and watch films like:

White Noise (2005)

Transformers (2006)

Pulse (2006)

The Matrix (1999)

Fear Dot Com (2002)

…to name a few. Artificial Intelligence is a huge possibility, the whole idea that Technology is controlling us and not the other way around. Well, I think language and English controls us, to some degree. Think about it, acronyms didn’t just pop up outta nowhere, they evolve and now they’re part of our English language.

If you are in a chat room and you not using smileys or giving out OMG’s or WTF’s there’s no two ways about it…you’re a noob! You’ve got to be able to speak the language, in order for other people to take some sort of interest in you.

Anyway, I also figured out in my lengthy conversation that if you wrote WTF backwards it turned into FTW (For the win) gamer slang in short. I’ll bitch and moan about that some other time…off to bed for now…

* Sorry go to go. Away from keyboard, be back later. Later…(i.e. Goodbye) <————— For those who didn’t understand the Acronyms πŸ˜›