Four Horsemen (documentary)

So it’s too early for me to make any New Year’s resolutions, although one thing I’d like to do is to post documentary that really forced me to think…here is one of them.

Bearing in mind that I have no degree or work experience in finance, this film is essentially about everything that is wrong with the banking system. It focuses mainly on America, and uses cleverly constructed arguments and reasons why things have failed. If you are not entirely satisfied with my broad overview, you can go to good ole Wikipedia and read about it here.

On the other hand…if you’re not a summary kinda guy rather just scroll down to the YouTube video below. I’m actually considering showing this to a bunch of friends, and then chatting about it over dinner. I suggest you do the same!


PS – I guess I should be wishing you a Merry Christmas given the date I’m posting this 😀 Phew…now that I’ve got that off my chest…go watch this and grow you brain! *sheepish grin*

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Billions in Change (A great documentary!)

Have you ever watched something and had an “aha!” moment very soon afterwards? Well that exact thing happened to me a few minutes ago.

The documentary I’ve included below is about Manoj Bhargava. He created a 5 hour energy drink that very quickly became a billion dollar product. The next question he had was “What do I do with all this extra money?” For him the answer was simple, give away 99% and help change the world using inventions.

I’ll try give you a brief synopsis of it without spoiling it for you. Manoj decided to set up a company that aims to solve problems like clean energy, clean and recycled water and even better healthcare. What really struck me was the fundamental point he seemed to revisit which goes something like this. Sometimes the solution to a complex problem is a simple one.

Now go watch it before I give away any more!



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The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Here’s a brilliant film on the life of Aaron Schwartz. This film reminds me it’s never too late to try and make a difference.

Click on the video below.