What value is there in our story?

A powerful story. I learnt a great deal from this, you should too 😉

A Teacher's Soul

Should we listen to our own story?

“Could you tell me what is your educational philosophy is?” I been asked that nice question often. Just imagine if when a teacher/lecturer/instructor was interviewed for a new post we were to ask these sorts of questions…. Right now might need some hefty personal liability insurance if you did.
“Tell me about a moment in your life when you betrayed yourself? How did you recover from that?”
“When you find yourself on the edge how do you reach out for help and stop that spilling into your colleagues and students’ lives?”
“What are the major sources of beauty and inspiration in your life?

“What do you do as a psychological or spiritual discipline that deepens your level of personal integrity?”

Those questions cut to the core. Tragically this core of  the ongoing work of  developing personal integrity (EQ+IQ+SQ) has been only deemed necessary…

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