Here’s a poem from The Reclining Gentleman’s blog. This one grabbed me, I particularly enjoyed the ending ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Reclining Gentleman

I have been working hard

learning the lines

studying the character

perfecting the role

of Me

in the play of My Life.


Some nights, I steal the show

I wow the critics

I accept the bouquets

and I know I am winning.

But on lesser nights

if Iโ€™m tired, or low, or stressed

or just because,

the magic isnโ€™t there


And on those nights

I can feel my understudy watching

from the darkness

from the wings

always ready

always eager

to take over


to replace me

to play me in a different, darker way.

to give a performance

that wonโ€™t win awards

that wonโ€™t draw in the crowds

that will empty the theatre

and turn off the lights


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