The banishment of inner vagrants

Change is imminent, even Death and Hotel Sex. What is far beyond the aforementioned is getting off your ass, which I have decided to do. There were a few recent events which involved me at my local pub pissing off many of the locals, due to the fact I was pretty drunk. I could have gone back the following night, to face the angry mob, and arrived back at work the next day with half a face and zero pride, but luckily I had friends to convince me otherwise.


I decided to take a personal stand about this. Iโ€™m giving up alcohol. Not in the beat-my-wife-harder-cos-Iโ€™m-sober kind of way. Itโ€™s more like a hiatus of sorts. Iโ€™ve given myself three months of sobriety to wade through. Iโ€™ve decided itโ€™s time to make some changes. After all too many times conversations are started through a bubbly haze in my current watering hole.


In fact itโ€™s time I cleaned up my body in general. Fortunately I not a smoker so my lungs are (for the most part) still healthy and happy, itโ€™s my thinking that needs to change. I made this decision yesterday while I was functioning on a the amount of tranquilizers that gave me the presence of a Guru, and the speech of a half-out-the-bed brainiac.


If anything itโ€™s far more efficient than a decision made after 5 liters of beer. Itโ€™s kind of scary to see that Iโ€™ve slowly seeped into the pub life, and the fact that drinking 3-4 times a week is the norm and kinda groovy. Everyone would like a few drinks in them before they ask someone on a date, crack a good joke, or just fool around in general.


Itโ€™s fucking difficult to catch those plethora of skills, and turn them around to face you. So Iโ€™m faced with a pretty daunting challenge now, local pub life and endless yammering is out of the question…so where to from here?


Tons of places really, Iโ€™ve already considered camping out at my local botanical gardens, with three volumes of poetry wedged into my arm pits. Maybe Iโ€™ll even wonder around the harbor, and fight off the conspiring seagulls and their allies. So Iโ€™m elated, frightened hesitant, and expectant of greater events, more interesting people that deserve investigation.





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