Apple should bring back iSync

So my iPhone 3GS is officially history. I took it into some Apple technicians, and he mournfully told me the logic board (kinda like the backbone of the device) was no more. It didn’t respond to charge or to a new battery being inserted. Now that I look back at it, he did it with that solemn empathy that would filter out your eyes when telling a relative that their little doggy was run over by an ice-cream truck this morning.

Anyway thankfully my flatmate leant me her old Nokia E63. Which is a great phone, only I feel like a gorilla trying to control a typewriter (after the ease and fingerless pressure) of the iPhone’s retina display. So now I had all this contact backed up on my Macbook (thankfully), and desperately needed a way to transfer them back onto my MacBook.

I did a little research and found out that there’s a few ‘nifty’ pieces of Nokia software out there. Although after trying there Multimedia Transfer App that failed after a the first few launches, and some other generic software (the name now escapes me)…I decided to kick it the Apple root.

I read on a few forums that iSync worked perfectly well with sending data across from non-iPhones to a Mac. Only problem was I was running Lion, and iSync had been discontinued…grrr. So after a few grumpy days of looking around for a Snow Leopard Mac (i.e. the OS version just before Lion), I found one lurking around at work. All I can say is sneaker-net never fails. Mac. USB. Ten Steps. USB. MacAwesome.


So I got iSync whirring like a beast in my little machine, along with the correct plugin from the Nokia website. And Eureka! I now had people to talk to on my phone’s address book again. Not only I was thrilled with getting my contacts back, I was mightily impress with the slickness of iSync. It was easy to use, it picked up my phone, plus when it starts working you see this aluminum whirring wheel telling you stuff is safe.

So app developers and/or Apple developers in general, tell the people in the ivory towers that iSync is a worth while program for Lion. Perhaps with the supersonic boom of the iPad, and the swarm of iPhones Apple overlooked this feature since that assumed 90% of Mac users would have iTunes tucked into their dock like the Ten Commandments. Or maybe the sexy Mountain Lion will solve this hiccup?




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