Cramming that difficult gap

People are born with holes in them. Nothing visible, with blood flowing from it, but in a mental sense. I work in retail, and many Sundays I spend watching families shuffle through the mall at a semi-conscious pace. Usually the teenagers are in tow with iPods glued into their heads.

I think perhaps we are frightened to be alone with ourselves. So we need the stimuli. Something visual. Something in blister-packaging. Something you’ll put on the shelf and smile at for an hour. You slowly sink into the sofa, allowing the electronic hum of the television to lure you to sleep.

I’m quite radical. I don’t own a TV. I remember my one land lady’s eyes bulging out in horror. I had crossed a social taboo of sorts.

“How do you follow the news?” she asked.

“I buy the paper.”

I explained that TV just makes us lazy and we end up watching pointless programs that we didn’t invite it. I think I’ll make that a rule in my house. Vampire Logic. No demon, sprite, winged or web-footed creature is allowed in my house unless you have the decent to request permission.

I suppose this is the British form of restraint coming out. We have to learn to hold ourselves together…stop…and listen once in a while. Just like to have to ask to enter my house, when in company you should treat silence as a person. Give silence a chance to show herself before you drill opinions into our heads.

This is a slightly angry rant at the bull dozers of quiet company. We need to stop our yammering, complaining, and whining. I’ve listened to too much of it. Most people that moan about a problem have considered making a difference…and that is our weakness.


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