How To Spot A Fake iPhone 4

Hey Bloggers

I work selling Apple products for a living. It’s a great job and I’d like to give you a few tips, if you are looking to buy an iPhone abroad. The iPhone in question (shown below) I could immediately tell the customer that it was not an original by simply examining the screen, and seeing it was a smaller size than I was used to handling.

Some basic differences:

  • If the back of the phone unclips and allows you to insert a SIM card, it is definitely a fake. The iPhone 4 (i.e. the original) has a tray at the top of the device that pops out and allows you to insert the SIM card.


  • On a fake, the back of the phone will have a small rectangle showing the size (in gigabytes). You will never see this on an original iPhone 4. (The original iPhone 4 is on the right hand side.)

  • The screen on the fake iPhone 4 is smaller.
  • I found that the interface wasn’t very responsive to my finger. I haven’t included a picture of the interface here, but I found it took at least 3 seconds before the interface responded to touch.
  • The Absolute Acid Test would be to plug the device into a computer with iTunes if you are unsure of the physical features. If it is not an original iTunes (whether on a PC or MAC) will not recognize the unit at all.


Trust this information helps 🙂




23 thoughts on “How To Spot A Fake iPhone 4

    • Niether in fact. If you’re look at the iPhone 4 (or 4s) with the screen pointed at you and the home button at the bottom and the speaker above the screen – I say this to ensure you’re not holding it upside down – then the SIM tray should be on the left hand side.

      If the phone you have has a SIM tray at the top (or bottom), the chances are you don’t have an original iPhone.

  1. Richard says:

    Your really badly mistaken pal, the iphone4 DOESN’T have a tray at the top for a sim. Shame on you, it’s on the side der.

  2. Eyram Agbagba says:

    Please I bought an iPhone 4s and at the back it have this inscription.disign by apple callifonia and assembled in USA.the capacity is 32 and the safari browser comes with UC it original or fake.

  3. Well I’m trying to help this family friend and he got it as a paying off a det well It wont turn on and the SMS card or what ever it on the right side of the iPhone and it don’t NOT show how much GB I’m thinking FAKE because 1 won’t turn on 2 you said it the card should be on top I see it on the side and last 3 iPod and iPhone and iPad all had the gb number on the back and it’s a iPhone 4 please help

  4. not to offend u but this information is truely false , i myself using fake iphone (brought at china) and i found my phone really doesn’t has any characteristics that u listed… contact me and i’ll send u pictureS of my (FAKE) phone and their characteristics too 🙂 p/s : nice blog 😀

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