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my war on iTunes

Today marked the first day of being bored at work on my first day. I’m glad that I got the job, however playing chess can only amuse you for so long until the evil clutches of the internet grab you and your soul. I was pretty lucky because halfway through my shift the manager decided to go home, and that left me to my own devices.


Enough about you…what do you think of Apple?

Well I’m a gamer so any non-Microsoft normally would cause me a lot of concern…although its gradually growing on me. I never thought I come to love this new subculture in the computer industry…but my knees get weaker everytime I see a Macbook. They just LOOK so damn sexy…something that Microsoft couldn’t achieve. Microsoft is a technician’s tool which is why I initially liked it. It made me look clever and smart, and I learnt to fix things that newbies struggled with. now I’ve reached the point, where I’m pretty tired of fixing things and just want something that won’t break in a hurry.

Let’s not forget my pet hate with mac…iTunes. When the iPod came along every teenager got a bit giddy and decided to give it a go. As a result they ended up crashing their Mum’s precious computers (non Apple ones of course) and spending tons of money of the next best iPod gizmo to hit the shelves. When the same teenagers turned around to their iTunes they realized that their music had gone, and they were now having numerous glitches with song names, albums titles, and album artwork. This was the first time that I really hated Mac. A friend of mine got all psyched about them and told me to use ITunes. After a while I realized the iTunes made up its mind that I was no good at organizing things and decided to move around my music.

Anyway I got a bit down in the dumps about the whole thing and decided to give up on Apple for a while. Now back in the deep end, and have to put on a valiant smile and tell customers that a Mac is the best thing since since brass door knobs. I think I should manage, just got to keep my focus on all the other great applications that Apple offers and bury iTunes in the back of my mind;)



2 thoughts on “my war on iTunes

  1. Brave Dave (enough said) says:

    (fingernails screech down a blackboard)

    You spelt it as “ITunes” (my war on iTunes; 3rd paragraph).
    You were probably expressing a subconscious disgust, in that
    case… I don’t blame you!

    (something for you too maybe post on your blog)

    I just had a quick flick-through your blog. It’s devilishly addictive, full of interesting (and intelligent) info, quirks and ‘rantings’ (no matter how obscure they may seem). Because I know the brother behind it all is a added bonus!


    So, I can finish reading EVERYTHING that’s on your blog. There’s just TOO much to read all in one day… pretty, pretty please! (laughs)

    Keep the Creative Lava Pit flowing, Joint!

    Tuneful Regards


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