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Book Dilemma

This morning was one of those mornings (for me), where you find yourself lying in bed for an extra five minutes meaninglessly listening to the radio. You wait for the guilt of wasting time in bed instead of doing the morning chores, to override your current impulse of listening to more news. Eventually half of me decided it was time to get out of bed, this time it was the heavier half. So I managed without oversleeping. I did my morning ritual of staring dumbly into the depths of my bookshelf, for not particularly reason at all, other than that I seemed to be doing the same thing every other morning.

The First Copy of the book I bought


Still half asleep, and feeling lazier than most days, something on my bookshelf jolted me to a sudden and frightening freshness. I have two copies of the same book! I’m a Don DeLillo fan at the moment, and I realized that I’d bought two copies of the book Falling Man. This was on two different occasions, and the two books I had had different covers. The first time it was when I was at a book sale on a leisurely weekend stroll through the mall. The second was when I was in a rush buying groceries. All my brain registered at the time was the Author’s name, and the fact that I hadn’t seen this cover before. Both are still in good condition, so I came up with a cunning plan. The book with the most attractive cover (the second one in this case) will be my personal copy. I’ll read this in due course and then rave about the book to my friends and lend out the other copy, to further promote literacy. This way I can not worry about my favorite books being lost to the terrible clutches on friends.

This is the Second Copy I bought. The image above is of an audio tape, by the background image is the same as what I landed up with.


This experience has haunted me previously. It’s ironic that your most favorite books you end up recommending always get lost in the clutches of some long-lost friend you can’t find on facebook anymore. Sigh…anyway I’ve decided now that I’m going to draw up an inventory of all of my media. This would be books, films, music…and so on. I think I need to start keeping up to date with discs that go missing. The handy thing about music, is if I recommend an album, I’ll download it…and then make a copy for a friend or two. Alternatively if I do happen to buy the original, I’ll still make a copy of the disc for a friend. It’s logical and sensible. Unfortunately I don’t have a pocket printing press I can slap on the counter, and run off a few extra copies. 😦




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