It’s all about the Popcorn

Well this is what I’m thinking every time I go watch a film. Everything else is pretty much the same…the chairs, the sweets, the seats, even the Coke seems to taste better when I drink it from my little bottle at home. Okay the picture might be a lot bigger, and the sound louder…but at the end of the day you only have one chance to get the jokes without someone laughing before you do.














Call me a cynic, but I still enjoy a good old laugh at trends we seem to follow. Think about it even if you have an attractive date with you, you’ll either end up leaning over the chairs and trying very hard to smooch elegantly…or you’ll watch the movie and enjoy two whole hours of ignoring your date. Then the laughter comes …

Should you laugh when she’s not enjoying it? Or wait until the very last moment for her to burst into tears, appropriately try to stroke her leg without looking like a pervert? Movies are tough when you’re not in your own worn-down armchair. They are the most tough when you’re not curling up with your cat, lover, cocoa, or teddy bear. So I’ve got a better idea….wait for the DVD… Mostly when I’m dragged to the cinema I end up sitting behind an NBA player, or right at the back with an erotic couple. In other words I forget most of the ‘memorable’ movie, and come out thinking about basketball or tonsils.

This is my game plan then. Rather support the local video guy who’s been dying for someone to talk to the whole day. The odds are you’ll have time to choose what you want. Plus you’ll been saving the money you’d have spent on the food and the ticket, and using half of that to buy a large pizza to share. And my personal favorite…you can pause it to go take a leek. So if I’m not being anti-social and crude, think about it rather being sociable at home with better food and cleaner chairs.

Then maybe you can even watch the w-h-o-l-e thing again?




One thought on “It’s all about the Popcorn

  1. I got over the whole cinema experience quite awhile ago, primary due to the costs, and inability to do other things whilst watching a movie (Sneeze loudly, burst out laughing, go further back / closer to the screen, go to the bathroom, cry….)

    So, unless there is some “OMG I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE AS IT’S EXISTENCE WILL DISTORT OUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY AS WE KNOW IT!!!” type of movie, I’m happy at home, thanks 🙂

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