Could you pass the Pepsi…please?

Generally I’m very easy to please…most of the time requiring three things:

  1. Take one glass of ice.
  2. Pour some soft and cold Pepsi with your other hand.
  3. Tilt your head back and feel the cold swirl of liquid.

Yes…I’m a caffeine addict. When it’s not Pepsi in summer, then coffee in winter normally does the trick. People who know me well might argue that my brain spins fast enough. I happen to disagree. Everyone finds their pet love in life and lets it rip…on one condition (that it doesn’t kill you). It’s mostly the things that kill us…that we are drawn to sex, death, money, alcohol and drugs. It might sound like I’m contradicting myself, but sex and death can be fatal.

Firstly I can’t remember the term, but some teenagers try to hang themselves by jerking off…and then if they are lucky enough to live through school and college…they will good on to sell life insurance to the very people that raised them. It’s rather fitting isn’t it? You give birth to kids, so they can pop you off when they get financially and emotionally comfortable. Life does seem to have it’s quirks. Going back to my initial point…I try to stay away from things that are more likely to kill me and/or my brain.

Coming back home from the local store, I didn’t waste any time. As soon as I got home I placed my posterior on my worn chair (in front of my computer). I proceeded to grab a snack, pour myself a lovely cold glass of Pepsi. Caffeine O caffeine! I love the hit of it. I enjoy the feeling of being 100% wired, and conscious. Obviously now and again I’ll grab a beer with some mates. But give me the sweet taste of caffeine, any day.

There’s one downside to caffeine…it doesn’t make you live as long. And I have an argument against that as well. Coffee keeps you alert, you talk and act faster. Therefore it’s not a sin if you don’t live as long, because you’re doing double the amount of stuff a normal person would, so that cancels out the previous fact. In mathematical term it’s the same as saying:

My Life – (Coffee ending it sooner) + (the amount of things that I get done) = Date of Death.

If that confuses you further think about it this way…if you take away the same amount you’re going to give back moments later…The result will stay the same. So now that I’ve justified a short and fulfilled life…I can sleep tonight, lol 😀


PhilosopherPoet 😉


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