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Thoughts on Blogs

I was reading a really interesting book today. It was on Blogs…although not written by a blogger. If I remember correctly, it was called Ultimate Blogging. It was an analysis of blogs, written by a woman who is a fan of them. It went on to say that according to Technorati.com there are about 80 million blogs out there, 16.6 million of which are active. I was stumped by this statistic…that’s a huge…to think that there are that many people ranting, discussing, researching, advertising, and publishing on such a wide scale!

When I’ve certainly got the blogging gene, at the same time it’s not for everyone. Some journalists still admit that they haven’t got the hang of the blog format. Anyway I find it a wonderful escape, and opportunity to voice what I think and feel to whoever may be listening. Also, it’s a form of publishing, that can sometimes give opinionated people the chance to blow off steam.


Why would I recommend it?

It’s a form of online sharing, and expression. I know that if you are a writer (of any kind), blogging will help you become braver and also grow your writing. I’ve always been lazy to keep a journal…I did it out of diligence for a while in school…but nowadays I just can’t. If I need to talk through my problems, I’ll go to a therapist, and sort it out there. Blogging gives me motivation to go and explore more blogs (and ideas) that distribute it to the masses. I also have the habit of posting links that readers may find interesting. Technically this isn’t adding anything back into the blogosphere, but my opinion is that if I’ve found something interesting…there’ll be someone else who also does.

Again, I’m blogging about blogging…just in case someone out there may find it. So long Writers and Blog-o-maniacs!




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