poetry, Technology

a poetic experiment

In case any readers get confused, I’ve recently picked up computer programming, and thought it’d be an interesting creative exercise to combine the layout with poetry…just to see what would happen 😛







    the process makes it look trained and sufficient because there

are no more girls in the front row.onlyYou stuck to


(a Visceral_keyboard


we can be cyberMonks

    (brainy and bullet proof))



we stick to thePlan…keep our numbers down, that are

our heads down, and enter in stripes of Science

        rows of bracketMath_and reason



    the codes spaghetti out of our hands, and spiral down

spin into the flux of updates coming down –you know what





you are (oneHundred % sure, you can drink another bucket of Coffee,

    since failing_only_means_you.ll_do_it_from)

Scratch) ) and ready to crunch the number stream



–sit down with your worried Cappuccino and wovenFingers

    the night is about to becomeCold_soon you.ll_feel

what I mean !number and code.ll grow onto your iced knuckles


*it can make


you a little less normal than Human*




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