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The cell phone is your sword

A few days ago I was catching up on World News, and noticed that The Pirate Bay (a torrent, file-sharing site) were taken to court. It’s not the first time. At the moment I’m hazy with dates because I don’t have the facts in front of me. I do remember that about a year or so back they were taken to court and the charges were dropped.

Alongside this headline I read another which intrigued me further. This one spoke of court verdicts being released via technology (with the help of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.) Even TPB (The Pirate Bay) owners, were voicing their thoughts over the ‘invisible’ wires. So where does this leave our Justice System, and Government system? It is being overwhelmed by technology, not only that…people are bursting with information.

Back in the day someone who was really opinionated would become a witty Columnist in the local paper. Now (due to the evolution of technology as well as the Internet) everyone is entitled to speak their minds. In fact it’s more extreme than that…we’re all encouraged and goaded into sharing our daily/hourly thoughts with whomever trawls across the Cyber River at that certain moment.

With that said, it’s clear that we need to rethink our ways of handling public opinion. We are a growing-cyber-interactive-innovative-zesty culture. It’s the era of Post Modernism, not only that…but also a terrifying feeling that we can never hold everything in our hands. The main thing is that we learn how to swim in the stream of society, and with time, learn the river.

For some I may be sounding incredibly cryptic, and overly-philosophical. Let me put it this way in a question…Should we be reading more status updates than news headlines? Doesn’t this hamper our decision-making? Why should we let collaborative, interactive, blogging or Twitter-ing affect us? If you are deeply involved in social networking, it means you are actually living in a part of your head…not the internet. Although I’m not denying that it isn’t useful for people to network, start up businesses, form relationships, etc. It’s keeping your head in the sand (internet) and not on the outside world.

Not to mention if you are an artist of some kind, staying online means you could be missing eye-catching, every day experiences. I can also be accused of this because of the amount of time I spend typing and using a computer. I try to remind myself, that there’s no harm in stretching your legs once in a while. 😀




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