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Educated Detectives

I’m not talking about men with guns that’ve gone to Harvard or Cambridge. Everyone complains about the police, and most of the time they’re not honest enough to be educated. Think more in terms of the medical industry, and you start getting somewhere…

I’ve always hated hospitals. I find it kinda spooky to be around a spotless room…and yet there is still an anesthetized death floating about the place. There are people with masks, people who are prepared to wrestle you down against your will, deceptively attractive nurses who aren’t afraid to administer something delicious into your veins.

Despite all of this, I find doctors fascinating… They are our modern day detectives. They can kick your ass, wear a mask, and feel okay about it all. They are the only people who have enough degrees to give you the right to feel like some kind of respect is due. In case you are wondering, this means I’ve been watching too much House.

All I can say it two thumbs up for this series. I’m generally not a fan of medical films and series, although this one proved me wrong. The series gets its name from Dr. House (Hugh Laurie). He is the Sherlock Holmes of this story. He is abrupt and grumpy. Some go as far as to say that he’s uncaring and harsh, but just like any good detective…he gets the job done.

House has an addiction to Vicodin. This is due to an accident that left him limping in one leg, and holding a cane wherever he now walks. Despite this, he still manages to solve most cases that his peers, provided his patients are prepared to sit through his black humor along with other idiosyncrasies.

In real life Hugh Laurie is in fact a British Actor, a veteran in the field of comedy. I’ve been a fan of his back in the days of Black Adder, and now to see him flawlessly pull off the American accent…I think I’m got a new favorite character to add to my list! 😉

The story goes that the Director was originally looking for an American actor to play the role. Laurie went along with this and sent off a tape of himself, acting with an American accent. The Director didn’t know who this actor really was, and so told him to come in for an audition. Laurie then proceeded to act out his version of House (with an upside-down umbrella used as a cane). The Director bought this and went away raving about Laurie as the best American actor his EVER seen.

I had a quiet chuckle to myself about this…since I’ve got a huge soft spot for British comedy. 😀



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