Rantings, Thoughts

Killing several cats at once

There are many reasons why I listen to heavy metal, one of them is because I love extremes and contradictions. If you think about it you probably don’t get a music genre out there that best supports these two claims. Is there another genre that talks about murder, mutilations, killings, Satanism, beheadings, rape, torture and plenty of blood? The point is it’s done by perfectly human and friendly guys, who’ll go home to their families, their children, and become civilized. (Some even go to church – i.e. the Christian metalheads in this case).

I still battle (with myself) trying to understand why I listen to a bunch of long-haired, tattoo-engraved, piercing-enhanced men that try to act as evil as possible. In a weird kind of way…it all makes perfect sense when I listen to it. Most people (than are more sane) can’t bare the thought of listening to guitars brutalized through a distortion system, or listening to deep growls, and blood-curdling screams.

Musically it has as much significance as kicking a cat (tied to a chimpanzee and a cow) down a flight of stairs. You might as well be listening to a donkey having an orgasm, with some background Aborigine beating a drum to give a sense of rhythm.

It’s musical chaos that combines misfits, drug addicts, computer nerds, business-people, accountants, barmen, waiters, and let’s not forget other angry people in general. Despite the confusion some see in this genre, longtime metalheads will tell you there’s little confusion with liking this type of music. It’s just preference. Why do some people enjoy music other people don’t? Well…simply because we’ve all got different ideas and opinions running around our heads.

Nothing is certain, and none of us are the same. We are all bound by our own experiences and feelings, and therefore we’ll choose the subculture that allows us to feel recognized for our inner foibles.

So what I’m really saying as I reach the end of my ramble about the universe is…rrraawwwwrrrr!





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