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Dreaming of Dragons

I’m a writer. This can be seen as either good or bad…or just a gift you choose how you want to wield it. The point is because I’m a writer I’ve got a hyperactive, creative, over-stimulated and garrulous mind. This makes me suffer from insomnia, not by choice…but rather by nature. So this wonderful blog post is here because I went to sleep for about four hours, which is when my mind woke me up saying, “Hey! It’s time to do some more writing!”

Most of the time I think of my brain (this is just a personal theory), exists independently from the rest of my body. Because no one feels like dragging their corpse out of the bed at 5:00 am, although, I do it anyway. I find it comforting to have a blog. The reason is it stops me dumping my opinions of the universe on an un-expecting friend of mine. Everyone has that garrulous friend that they wish they could shut up for a coupla minutes, to achieve some sort of peace and quiet. So maybe I have this blogging addiction is because I’m scared of being that ‘annoying friend’ to my RL (real life) friends.

So this is what woke me up…my dream. As you can see from the more-than-obvious title, it was about big scaly creatures coming to life inside my house, and mutilating/possessing my friends. This sounds like something that would scare anyone. The point is it didn’t scare me. I think this is due to my addiction to horror movies, violent video games, and the heavy metal albums buried on my computer. So I sort of had a horror movie play inside my head, and the only reason I woke was to analyze the movie structure.

*sighs* Such is the life of a critical cynic – or vice versa.

Dreams can be the best when it comes to analyzing who you are, but can be the worst stories possible. Now that a strong cup of coffee has perked me up, I can mentally crunch up all the crits I was going to put forward about the dream. Dreams don’t make logical sense. Instead, it is unconscious sense. You sort of have to know a bit of psycho babble, and the language the brain uses in order to know why, you dream the way you do. Anyway I’m nervous of boring you with too much detail on the subject, so I’ll just end with this favorite poem of mine. (unfortunately the poems is about dreams and not dragons, apologies Sci-Fi geeks) 😀





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