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The confession of a chaos addict

It is overcast today. The clouds are looking too depressed for their own good. The smell of rain is in the air. When this happens my Englishness seems to give an excited whoop, on the inside. It’s hard to explain to some people that bad weather is actually a delight. Maybe is because bad weather is more of an event. Think about it went the clouds gather up together like some depressed emos, it tells you one thing…shit is going to happen. There will be rain, or thunder/lightning, road accidents, and soaked pedestrians.

We’re chaos-based people. Call me a pessimist, but are the good things really meaningful to us, or are we actually taking a breather until we have to face more chaos again? Chaos is a limited word, and in this case slightly crude. I’ll stick with it though. I’ll give an example to support my claim.

Jim and Sarah are going through a rough patch. This is because Sarah suspects her husband is cheating on someone else. She is pregnant, and at this stage is limited to staying at home and doing all the house work. It’s not an ideal situation. Jim tries to spend more time at work than usual, because Sarah is emotional unstable, and easily angered.

So now (as usual) everyone is in one big melting pot of chaos. This couple may end up with a divorce and finding their own direction, or they may pull themselves together and talk things through. There are never two sides to the coin, especially when you’ve got a relationship to deal with. This may be all and well, but what is my point? Are we inherently bad people because of this? Not at all…

Allow me to euphemize the word ‘chaos’ and instead we are system-based people. We are controlled by systems most of the time. We have responsibilities, jobs, relationships, because they make our lives more meaningful. At the same time we can’t escape the systems we’re in. It’s a default that life throws at us. I’ll elaborate…

Just like Plato’s analogy of the cave, the Systems are what we start off with. Just like everyone begins in the cave, everyone is born into systems. It’s inescapable. This doesn’t mean though that we are out of our control. I believe that the only way we can make enjoy our existence, is to learn the Systems. Eventually once we’ve spent many years of thinking, we’ll get the systems to work for us. The greatest achievement in life is to have the Systems compliment and enrich our lives, rather than control and dominate us.

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