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The World is Dead (Horror is Born)

Haven’t you noticed? I suppose this is what happens when you spend your evenings watching horror movies, rather than be a normal person and get out to a date, or the pub. Anyway, I sometimes find they are the best entertainment we still have around. I was watching the classic, Dawn of the Dead. Wow, what a film! I don’t care how unrealistic and absurd it really is…the whole point of undead people ripping up a handful of living ones…somehow excites me.

I mostly avoid explaining my fascination with death to people. The reason why is a) it doesn’t make for such a good dinner conversation and b) people will think I’m cuckoo and will probably give me some pills rather than some freedom to talk. Putting my personal issues aside I started thinking about why we create these creatures…

Why was horror born? Well like anything there are a number of reasons behind it. One of them is that it is a reaction to the norms of society. Horror started way back in the Victorian Era with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This was a significant leap into the genre as we know it. The Victorian’s took Christianity very seriously. Woman had to be covered up, and children were best seen and not heard. Think of your grandparents going Amish, and then you’ve got the right idea. Moving on into the Early 1900s books are still highly regarded…but a new medium in film is developing…cinema.

When the Roaring Twenties hit America, it was a sort of Media Renaissance. Society was starting to open its eyes. Women got far braver by wearing shorter skirts, smoking in public, drinking in public, and attending events without a chaperone. It all sounds pretty innocent to us. Although tell any Victorian to wear a knee-high dress and whip out a cigarette, and she’d probably tell you to sod off.

Everyone was trying to forget all the business of WWI, and so the Western world was living it up. Cinema happened to be an indication of the evolution of entertainment when the silent film appeared in the late 1920s (if my memory serves me). So now people are getting bored with books, and want a new medium to give the audience. Movies were born on pretty primitive technology, but that didn’t stop anyone. All of a sudden theaters were for the old folks, and cinema became a rage.

Ticket after ticket were sold all around Europe and America. After WWI Europe was still limping after the war, so America had the resources to hone this newly found craft. By the time WWII struck in the forties, black and white films were going strong. Media was now reaching the masses. Any person could pay for a movie ticket, and go and sit in a cinema, not to mention it was a helluva experience seeing character’s expressions 100x closer than in reality.

I’m skimming over the topic of Cinema pretty briefly simply because there is so much in it. Anyway, to make a long story short, after the sixties Horror really came to the Media’s attention. Special effects were developing at a massive rate. By the time the eighties came along this was not only the rise of Horror, but also the darker side of Heavy Metal. I would be lying if I said that this is when this music genre really started, but it’s certainly where things began to kick off. Also all media is interlinked, and compliments each other, so we can’t deny music not playing a role.

So I obviously am aware that the world isn’t dead. Although I think when I lay my head down at night…my mind may take some convincing. All I need to do is pray they don’t eat me, and move on to someone else.


Later Bloggers 😀



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