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Running through treakle

If you were given a super power…what would it be? I’ve often wondered about this. It’s not much of a surprise eithere since we are thwarted with so many science fiction movies. (Hey, I’m not complaining though.) If I had a choice in the matter I would definitely choose the ability to freeze time. Although, it’s not as marvellous as some people make it out to be.

Freezing time (for most people) means controlling things. You have ultimate control because eveything else is a lot slower than you. You have to realize that when everything freezes/stops/slows down the state of objects changes. Gases become liquid. Liquids become solids. Solids are now impenetrable. So if you were thinking of fondling a girl while she was frozen in time, you’ve got your hopes up. You’ll have as much fun with her as you normally would with a concrete statue! Anyway this same topic also reminds me of a movie I watched last night…Wanted.

It’s about accountant Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) who is living a normal life. He is not the most attractive guy in town, since he is highly strung and suffers from panic attacks, and is also very nerdy. On his way to a convenience store one evening, a mysterious looking guy tries to shoot him and he is rescued by an assassin called Fox (Angelina Jolie). She goes on to tell him that his father he lost contact with has been killed and now the same men are after him. He naturally thinks she crazy, but is literally thrown into the car with her and taken to the Fraternity.


The Fraternity is a thousand year old group of assassin that supposedly restore order in the city. Wesley is then taught how to use his special ability at the fraternity. He has the ability to slow down time (only for himself). In other words his heart can beat abnormally faster than most people, and therefore he can react faster, and is far stronger. To prove this he is told to shot the wings off a fly, curve a bullet around a target and dodge a speeding train.


I really enjoyed this, it’s basically about an ordinary guy who is destined for greater things. It has that whole super hero feel about it. You know its the normal good against evil despite overwhelming odds. It’s nothing too deep, but if you enjoy a good action to put your mind at ease after a  long day…this is for you!



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