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Vista is growing on me :(

I’m reluctant to admit that this is true. My current job involves assembling computers, and fixing them for a wholesaler. Let’s face it Vista is a baby, so its gonna kick and scream for a while…one thing where it actually fails is that it try to copy its boastful twin sister…Apple. Forgive me if I sound cryptic, because i prefer to work in, and talk images than just give a boring review.


Very briefly Vista is resource hungry (cos it tries to copy Apple), it has multiple complaints with applications crashing in the operating system, and users do get annoyed with the security warnings.

For example: The other day I was doing an assembly, and I was loading up the Vista Business Package on a brand new machine. Everything when fine, until i started to install the graphics card drivers. Nothing actually crashed because it was brand new shiny hardware. But I did get at least three security warnings. To cut a long story short it was questioning the component that was going to actually boost the computers performance. Okay, this sounds like a solid example but allow me to expand a bit more on why I think Vista is better than people make it out to be.


Its very hungry with resources, we can all agree on that, but it also is preparing all of us for computers that will be in the future. Computers are ultimately trying to hold all of your entertainment and working needs. It might also be more dangerous because we’re relying on more with out know what we’re really relying on.

So should we reject Vista…definately it wasn’t very well thought out, although, we can’t totally dismiss it because its going to bring forth greater and more powerful Operating systems that will actually do us some good.



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