The Life of a Pirate

I seem to go on about being a pirate. The reason is that its an issue the people seem to be concerned about. I’m a bit nerdy, so because of this I end up collecting a lot of books, music and movies. The web is a whole universe of information by itself, so it’s far easier to access some of this information thru the good ol’ย  www than the music stores. I do draw the line of piracy and I refuse to sell any information as a means of earning a living. Obviously we could be living in an ideal world of buying, using what we buy and never trading…but that would be very pointless.

It’s in our nature as humans to buy and trade. Just a quick thought…



2 thoughts on “The Life of a Pirate

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment you left me.

    I think it’s definately human nature to trade, pre money you used skills i.e. basket weaving to get what you wanted i.e. flour, so trading was integral to life.

  2. Something interesting I’ve realized is that, with pirated movies, it is more fruitful to ask a computer-orientated friend for a popular movie.

    The odds are that, not only will he have it, but he will not mind burning it onto a DVD, and giving it to you for free – And it will also be of much higher quality than a purchased one.

    Just something I have noticed ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Reelix

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