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Fighting Insomnia and Androids

I might have mentioned before that I battle to sleep. The reason is… whichever spiritual entity made me, thought I’d be really funny to grant me with a brain that overheats. It’s not quite like a car engine, or a computer. Those are mechanical and electronic devices. My brain is organic, and I end up thinking about too much stuff. Most people would argue that there’s nothing wrong with actually using your brain for thinking, but on the other hand when you end up lying in bed in the early hours of the morning, watching the fan spin, and hoping to get hypnotized into a very deep sleep. Then that’s when I reckon my brain starts overheating.

Anyway, after all of this happens I still manage to fight off the weariness, and go and do something (in hope that whatever I’m doing will make me even more tired and likely to sleep). This time I watched the sci-fi classic…Blade Runner. Wow, what a treat, this movie made my insomnia seem worth it. It’s one of those old Science Fiction classics that will never get boring. If you are a film junkie (like myself), you’ll realize that it is benchmark in film making, and the whole cyberpunk genre. Or course it’s also a film that started to launch Harrison Ford’s career, but I won’t bore you with the celebrity stuff. Here’s a brief summary of the story…


The Rise of the Replicant

Since this movie is set in the future, it’s all about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Humans have made it a mission to create organic and genetically modified computers, or Replicants in short. These human-like robots were called NEXUS 6, and were so efficient that humans used them as slave labor on other planets. They would do the dirty work since they were about six times as strong as a human and as intelligence as the genetic engineers that made them. They went to other planets and claimed them for the humans. As you can imagine things turned sour, and the Nexus 6 we’re banished from Planet Earth. Special police squads (called Blade Runner units) were sent out to prevent the Nexus 6 from entering Earth. If a Replicant was found to be on Planet Earth, the penalty was death.

Why death you may ask? Well these guys aren’t little people from Toy Story. You can’t just rip out their batteries to stop them from working. They are human hybrids with our brains, and the strength of a bull dozer. So you get a whole bunch of humans (once again) fighting to stop their own race from dying. Blade runners have to execute any Replicant they see on earth, except it isn’t technically an execution because you’re just killing a robot. Instead it was called retirement.

Title - Bladerunner

It was the second time I’ve watched this movie, and I was equally impressed. For its day it was an awesome movie, and still is. It was directed by Ridley Scott, which is another why I can’t fault it. Just like Pulp Fiction was a vintage Quentin Tarantino film, this is a one of Ridley Scott’s successes. I’d highly recommend it, although a word of caution to those who may be on the squeamish side, there are a few scenes of violence.



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