An injection you’ll never forget

Here’s a question…because we all live in a generation where everything is speeding up, have you noticed that drugs, activities, and media that slows you down is also pretty popular? Most people are too caught up in the rat race to think about slowing down, that when they actually do (i.e. by having a cigarette, watching a film, reading a book) is a glorious experience. The feeling and rush is so intensen that it feels like an art form. Well, what if it was what if you could actually slow down what we all know as time?


If all of the above interests you, then you should watch Time Warp. Its a documentary on the discovery channel that makesthe Matrix trilogy look boring. Okay there are not as many bullets and babes in in leather, but its equally as beautiful. It’s about two scientists that mess around with physics, and slow motion camera.


If you know anything about technology, then realtime (time seen through the eyes of a human being) is about 120 fps (frames per second). This is assuming it were shown through a video camera. To give you an idea of how powerful these cameras are, the frame rate of these camera can be anything from 2000 to 20000  and more. In lay mans terms, it can catch the speed of a bullet and show you the detail.


The stunts they do are varied. I won’t have time to mention all of them but here’s a short list to give you an idea. These men capture: fire breathers, skateboarders, bubbles popping, balloons being ripped open, a jackhammers ripping up concrete, fruit in a blender, paint balls smashing, and coke bottles exploding. I’d recommend this to people who even have a vague interest in science.

On the downside, you have to realize that it is American, and they are going to hype things up more than usual, so it does drag a bit at times. Although the experiements IMO are worth the watch.



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