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The Death of a Dead Thing

“The American Dream, You have to be asleep to believe it.”

– George Carlin


This seems to be a very good example to me of consciousness. Many people don’t realize that today the biggest fear is losing our ability of free and critical thinking. For those who are interested these are similar points that the comedian (mentioned above) makes. I agreed with the approach he has taken, so I’m going to back up, and expand on what he said.



Many people (particularly those bound by a fundamentalist faith system) believe that we are living in the ‘end times’. Basically the Christians reckon that the anti-Christ is upon us. It’s also easy to back up this claim because all you need to do is look at all the war and chaos around us. My theory is that the end of the world is only a way of coming to terms with the chaos human beings seem to create. Because after all, if God is perfect…we’re the only ones left to blame.


So just like the Adam and Eve story is a Beginning of the World for Dummies book, you can pretty much substitute the title with End. The only catch is that the end of the world hasn’t come so naturally. We still believe it though along with the anxiety that comes with knowing your ‘time’ might be up. On this heart-warming note, let me talk more about the media. (Here’s another interesting thought on the side…Let’s assume that society, the media is a personality. If this is so is the world really becoming a worse place all the time…or is the World just becoming more honest with itself?)


Media = Popular Opinion


The Media is not fact. We seem to get sucked into it, and begin to believe that it is. When we watch a current film (set in a modern time period), all the values, characters, attitudes and opinions we see are all based on opinion. If you put enough educated guesses together, you’re going to get a popular opinion. In other words, there are enough people agreeing on something, for it to be screen-able. This doesn’t always make it factual, but then most of the time audiences (in general) accept what they see and don’t question whether the information is accurate. We all assume that a lot of people more skilled than us put this together in such a good way, so we’d really just be fools to question it…right?


A Quick Example: A typical American family is in this film. (The story revolves around them and they are the main characters.) The film is a comedy. A father and mother (who are middle aged), an adolescent son, and prepubescent daughter dominate the plot. Now the general idea with an American family is that the Wife is emotionally stable and the Husband is a retard, clumsy, getting to work late to further prove his misfortune. The older son is either depressed or angry, and happens to be the only truly stable person of the family (excuse the irony). Lastly you get the younger sister, who is battling to make a step into teendom, and as a result leaps into arms of older guys. This happens for many reasons, it normally though, has something to do with the goofy father.



If all the above (in the example) is taken as factual then our family lives are in seriously deep shit! You can’t assume that things will work out for the better if you’re feeding your mind with broken families. I do admit than I am a cynic and critic, but it’s far more assuring that the alternative. I’m sure every culture has it own idiosyncrasies, but if you using the media (a socially invasive, and manipulative machine) to promote you should start to ask some questions. These should involve your own culture and what you need to start cleaning up.


My Big Mouth 😀


I tell my friends that, ‘I have a big mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.’ So as a result I think I deserve some criticism, because I don’t always make sense. This is another way of saying that comments are always welcome on this blog 😉 If anyone would like to submit articles for this blog, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you via email.






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