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The Terror of Immortality

I have a warning to announce. It may sound a little presumptuous to some, but currently I’m living in the Immortal Age. Now don’t get too worried because this is different from actually admitting that I am immortal. Sorry folks, but its not like the cartoons where not even bullets can pierce my skin. I’m talking more psychology here. If you think of the time period between the ages 18 and 28…that’s a decade. It’s a speck in the ocean if you’re talking evolution, but for a human lifetime is the springboard for the life you’re going to choose. Of, course there’s always room for change…but its during these ‘formative’ years, that change is most probably the most crucial.

So why does that make me immortal?

There are a number of reasons. I’ll list them below since I’m lazy to form coherent sentences.

  1. People are at the peak of sexual activity
  2. Energy levels are at their highest, which is why many party hard.
  3. Your brain starts to wake up…you can reason better, learn faster.
  4. You have the most freedom. Some people choose to get married in their mid-twenties. Although trends show that woman are becoming more empowered and choosing to have children later and have a career for themselves.

So whether you’re 22 or 26…the fact is you’re still a beginner at being an adult. Maybe this is why we’re not always the responsible people all the other folks say we should be. It’s the decade where we feel the most empowered, wanted, energized, fuelled, creative, spontaneous, excited, loving, alive, and many more acronyms. All of these words mashed together = Immortality. Of course it’s not the literal sense of the word, but feeling Immortal is most probably far more intoxicating that actually being in that state.

Briefly I can think of two movies that covered this topic. Tuck Everlasting, and Hancock. Both are two different movies. They each have their own overall message. Although since the characters did have a lot in common. I’ll shorten it and simply say that (the feeling of) Immortality is a dangerous chemical to be juggling.

Of course at the same time, it’s easy to blame the blunders of twenty year olds purely on feelings and chemicals. Being Immortal is a great thing. I’ve been pretty negative, I’ll admit. It’s a symbol of opportunity, growth, power and eventual success. The terror comes in letting those ideals in the distance cloud our thinking.




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