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Having Sex with Information

I have a confession to make. I not the good guy I keep telling you about! I suffer from a modern illness. I am an information nymphomaniac. It’s true…besides relationships and the warm fuzzies…its only information that keeps me alive. As boring as I make it sound, it is actually pretty exciting stuff. The world today is pretty much exploding with information; you just have to decide how much to listen to, and what your field of interest is. Don’t take it all the information you hear seriously, because it’ll do something awful to your head. Why do you think suicide, depression, murders, rapes and other unmentionables have risen so quickly in the 20th (and 21st) Century? It’s not the population increase that’s to blame it’s us and our knowledge. We’re getting overloaded man!

I like collecting stuff, but its all information based. Most people will ask you sooner or later:

‘What do you do in your spare time?’

Well my answer will be…I have sex with information. I can’t help it…I’m a whore. I’ve been blamed as being a nerd because of this. Although when you think of how much is out there just waiting to be absorbed, we should all be rushing like crazed American shoppers…shouldn’t we? Most of the time when I learn something new…I get a kick out of it, because it means that I’m growing myself, I’m becoming more resourceful to others, and its just great to know more stuff. This is all well saying all this because it always easier said than done. Before I confuse the heck out of you, allow me to elaborate.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine at the ice rink. I was talking to him about skating (ironically). I referred to an episode of Dirty Sanchez (the welsh version of the American, Jackass TV series). I started off the sentence, “Have you seen the episode when…” My friend nodded his head, naturally. But instead of saying he’d seen it, he said, ‘Dude I’ve got all those episodes!’ I replied, “I know you do…but have you seen it?” His reply was still the same. Eventually he could see that I didn’t think his answer qualified for a yes in my books, so to get me off his back, he surrendered and admitted he’d seen it.

After a while I said to him that there is a massive difference between owning something, and actually processing (watching) it. Put it this way, if a guy has a lot of girlfriends, this doesn’t automatically mean he’s slept with them all. People are making the same assumption with owning stuff (that is information based). I say I’m an information whore, because I’ve tried and tested most of the river of knowledge swimming around my room.

One good way I’ve come up with, in terms of sorting through the crap on my computer, is to back up all the stuff I want to keep on disc (CD and DVD). So this way I can sort through the shit I’ll never actually get around to and delete it. If you’ve read other bits of my blog you will notice that I do a bit of computer gaming, and this means that I end up leeching a lot of random crap I won’t always get around to.

My point is…? Well, don’t get swamped by information around you. Rather sort through it all, choose what you don’t need and toss it. If you’re male and you’re battling with space on your hard drive, go and delete all your porn. Most people think I’m mad when I say this…but at the end of the day it’s gonna give you a virus one way or the other. I (personally) would rather keep something that I can benefit from. Don’t complain about having too much crap if you’re not going to do something about it all. Companies produce trash cans, waste paper baskets, and cardboard boxes for a reason.

Opinions are always welcome, since I’m giving mine so often.




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