Shoot yourself its Christmas…

I admit, Christmas has already gone, but still it doesn’t change the fact that this month is one of the most depressing months a human being can live through in the entire year. Forgive me for I don’t have the figures right in front of me this time. I can tell you though that suicides rise drastically in the month of October (for various reasons). In November they dip slightly…and then in December BOOM! They are back up to a fatal statistic.

To most people it’ll strike you as odd. It is (traditionally) a festival celebrated by Christians, although plenty other people are happy to see it as a time of festivity and join in on the family dinners, giving of gifts, and drinking more booze than usual. As long as the birth of a 2000 year old religion is left out of the picture…most people seem happy about it.

Now going back to the depressing part of it, you’re trying to jam together mismatched families that normally stay away from each other. This is because every family will have explosive personalities that will rub up someone the wrong way. Despite all the festivity, it is clear that Christmas is a recipe for Family Drama. I was reminded this on a few occasions. One happened when I was working at the local Take Away/Restaurant and as I was finishing my shift, and eating my meal…I listened to a couple (in their thirties) struggle with an emotional sister.

Eavesdropping is not my strength by any means, but from what I heard I was able to pick up that (the husband of the couple) was having trouble calming down his sister, who was having a break down at the other end of the cell phone. I’ve been through my own fair share of family drama, so I really felt sorry for this happy couple. The woman who I served, seemed really genuine but then I had only met her that evening. So by now most readers will be calling me a cynic, and saying I should take in a bit of optimism for a change.

So hear are a few reasons why you might think of killing yourself at Christmas.

1 People are drinking more than usual, so they make comments they are likely to regret later.

2 Some people aren’t feeling positive about the year-end. Despite this they put on a ‘brave face’ and talk to the family members that they only talked to last year.

3 Arrangements are being made. No one wants to feel left out, so there’s more pressure to be a part of something at Christmas.

4 This means that people are trying to organize you, and planning events means planning people. (see point 3). Most people want to be left to their own devices.

5 Memories of the past are brought to mind, as family visits are more frequent this time of year.

6 Christianity is promoted to many who are tired of hearing about it. The fact is just like people don’t want to be told how to be better parents; it’s the same with religion. You can’t convince someone, who’s happy with the way things are.

I might be making you feel worse about this time of year, but really my point is to make you not blame yourself. Is the end of December…and many is feeling hollow because the Christmas rush has died.

Well don’t blame yourself for what you can’t change. Go easy on yourself and the family. Instead of rushing to events, give yourself a break! If there were no deaths or fatal injuries in you or your family, count yourself lucky. Things could be worse, and despite the odds we’ve all survived another Chaotic Christmas.

Take Care 😀




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