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Grabbing games and sucking stuff

At the moment I’m still trying to shake off the residue of a heavy LAN (Local Area Network). In short, for the less technical-minded, its a massive event of computer people and/or gamers that gather around and get up to a lot of fun. It’s not solely for the nerdy either. Most of the people you meet are really great fun, and also really good with computers. Personally I think anyone should just come along and try it out. I can’t guarantee that you’ll love it, but I’ll try anything twice (that isn’t fatal, of course).


(The hall where it all happened.)

If you are about to leap into this experience, there are three warnings I should make you aware of if this isn’t your forte.

1 Don’t expect to get much sleep

2 If you aren’t interested in computers, make sure there is some other element that excites you…or you could get very bored very, very quickly.

3 Go open minded.

The last is most probably the hardest since everyone has that stereotypical computer nerd image lurking in their minds. Yes you will meet a whole heap of geeks and the like, but keep having fun. The odds are that most of the people around you are, so try not be a stick in the mud lol.


(A fellow gamer)

Back my brief update of the events…

It started off on a Friday afternoon. I was only able to join in the evening, which meant that I did miss the first few hours, that didn’t seem to dampen my spirits at all, though.

I started from scratch, literally. I had a beautiful 500GB hard drive that died a few hours before the LAN. still, despite my loss I was running on a fresh format of Windows, so all my processes and graphics were very smooth. From a software perspective I did manage to update my AVG Free which seemed to hold me in good stead. One thing you have to look out for at a LAN is viruses. Espcially when there is gaming involved people generally have all their firewalls down, which means a bug could do damage. Quite honestly IMO, if you don’t have an anti-virus at a LAN I think you’re in danger.


(They were playing Guitar Hero – World Tour.)

So this time I went for the sole purpose of socializing. Once or twice I went to do serious gaming/leeching which was also cool, but most of the time I’m way too hyperactive to stay plugged behind my PC. So for those who don’t game everyday of their lives, I can proudly say that I didn’t spend every single minute gaming. At the moment I’m still shoveling coffee down my throat, so I won’t always be totally coherent, but here’s some things I can tell you that I did:

smoked hookah (hubbly-bubbly), drank COKE, ate bunny chows, took photos of the event, took one or two surprise photos, forgot to brush my teeth, installed a hard drive in my computer, recharged my cell phone, fed a stray kitten – they were hanging around the venue poor things 😥 , managed to give at least two people frights while they were concentrating intensely on their game, gazed dreamily at my fish-tank screen, tried to recover about 300GB of data a friend lost, took more photos of tired people, played about 10 minutes of Call of Duty 4, slept on my massive matress, drank coffee, walk around, watched other gamers leap up and down when they won/lost, and sucking/copying one or two new movies.


This was my computer at the lan, it looked very impressive 🙂

So to cut a very long explanation short, there’s plenty to do you’ve just gotta go grab it. I really enjoyed this LAN. Some people complained about the price and about other ‘nitty gritties’, but at the end of the day a LAN is a LAN. I didn’t see the point of getting all worked up about it all.

At a mass event you can’t make every happy. I’m sure its an ideal every Admin would like to see come true,but then they’d kinda lose their jobs at the same time.



One thought on “Grabbing games and sucking stuff

  1. LAN – Yay! \o/

    Interesting Yellow case there – I’ve got the stereotypical black one (Albeit highly scratched from many LANs)

    Interesting highlight on LANs for the non-LANners 🙂

    – Reelix

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