Curiousity of the Goth

I’ve always had a fascination with Goth culture, mI love the artwork and the atmosphere. I listen to a lot of metal, and music that doesn’t reflect this genre, but when it comes to designs and images I seem to crave them. I think its a fascination with the dark side that has drawn me to the culture. To describe death creatively is quite an art.

I also find tattoos on a woman to be very attractive. The downside side about them though is you have to have them while you’re young. Once the wrinkles start creeping in you’re pretty much carrying warped images with you. Thank goodness for plastic surgery nowadays, we now have the ability to iron out our skin, just don’t expect to smile much in the end. No, literally your skin will bhe so tight and smooth, you will only manage what will look like a grimace.


So enjoy the tats while you’re still young. I also think its mainly younger people who are attracted to the Goth side of things, because once you start getting on in years, you are surviving more and more people. You’re going to more funerals and staring death in the face in a regular basis, so day dreaming doesn’t quite cut it any more.



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