Global Social Networks

This is the twentieth century phenomenon. You can talk to someone instantly, share intimate thoughts and feelings with them, but still be a country or continent away. Internet chat rooms, were the beginning where some level of secrecy and mystery could still be held. Now with facebook, and other social networking tools, you can exchange photos, and even talk to someone with text or actual speech. It’s crazy to think that we’re exchanging information with people we consider safe just because we’ve spent hours with them online.


According to psychology an ape can only fully remember 55 people it meets. Humans, the number gets slightly bigger…our number is 150, but it still makes me wonder, when the average person on facebook will have 300 contacts. Also nowadays people are hiding away in the technological world. Why should we rush out and see a rock concert when we can  hide in our beds and listen to our iPods? Why go out and socialize when we can poke people on face book, and tell everyone our moods on Twitter?


I have to admit, I have a few contacts that purely exist as online contacts. They are people I’ve gotten to know really well. Or at least as well as you can with a keyboard in your hands.  It’s a crazy thing to interface with someone you’ve never seen, but you still trust them! Here’s another weird thing, people actually want to know how I’m feeling throughout the day. I’m not sure myself sometimes, but it’s very addictive. It also allows people to start to express themaselves more freely. Giving a short message about how you feel isn’t just like writing thoughts down in a journal, is saying something and knowing that you’re going to be heard by someone out there.



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