Cutting a Cardboard Box

This has been one of my terribly exciting duties in the past 10 months. I’ve been a ‘factory boy’. Well what can I say…I was desperate for the money at the time! Unfortunately – because of company policy – I can’t mention names, but I can still show the evidence. It’s a good feeling to be leaving something behind at last. The fact is that I was working with the ‘lower economic earners’ is a very healthy thing.

It makes you more sympathetic, to those who don’t know life outside of themselves. It scares me to hear that, for example, one of the managers has been working in the warehouse for thirty years. Um, I think I need to re-phrase that…3-0-y-e-a-r-s… That’s three decades, it’s enough time to get married, have kids, have a midlife crisis, watch your kids fly in and out of school, and your money along with it. I’m not passing any judgment on him either. I do recognize him as a decent person, and he has treated me well in the time I was there. It’s just from a personal point of view I could not see myself stuck in the metaphorical mud of a single company.

My reason for this is that I’ve got a nomadic mind. I can’t be happy eating a certain food, doing a single job, or listening to a single brand of music. Hopefully the same thing won’t apply if I do get married or get down to anything serious. Also talking about food, I did learn to eat curries, breyani and various other Indian food (that had more Chili in than an Eskimo has toes :-P). Again I seem to have miraculously diverged from the previous topic, so here are all the little duties I did. I also know by now that I was resourceful in the company, this is due to the fact that people would kick up a fuss if I happened to skip work. So being a warehouse boy doesn’t just mean carrying heavy boxes all day along. I tried to make myself as resourceful as possible. I thought I’d do an A-Z, since I did spend a long time there. Two or three points just wouldn’t be enough.

During my time there I managed to:

  1. Fix Computers
  2. Pack goods into boxes
  3. Packaging a box also means making a box, which is harder than it sounds.
  4. Climbing ladders
  5. Climbing Shelves (without ladders)
  6. Handling Dispatch
  7. Controlling Returns of Goods
  8. Repairing speakers, and mixers
  9. Catalogue stock
  10. Process Job Cards and Fault Reports
  11. Liaise with customers
  12. Use the pallet jack as a skate board
  13. Make a Soccer Ball from packing tape.
  14. Learn from other cultures
  15. Make friends, with most
  16. Drink a lot of tea and sugar
  17. Piss off the company secretary in the first week.
  18. Set up keyboards, and fix them. (The instrument kind of keyboard).
  19. Play the guitar, very badly.
  20. Moan about the weather.
  21. Hide the ashtray in the bathroom – this didn’t seem to help, since I toilet roll was crunched up and used soon after that 😦
  22. Get hit by a falling mixing desk, bass drum, and speaker
  23. Blame the experiences above as accidents.
  24. Learn how sundries work.
  25. Learn why the guy in sundries is a bit crazy
  26. Learn how to talk like a South African Gangster – thanks to my stoner friend!

For some reason I wasn’t sure if he was, giving a gangster sign, or just telling me off. The point of ‘gangsterism’ I learnt is for ordinary people (like me) to not know what the heck they are saying. The first time I was offered weed, I had to blink and ask what they meant. It was very awkward, because when someone asks you if you’d like to ‘share a Mary Jane’ you better hope it’s a cigarette, and not something that smokes you. Probably the most important thing I learnt is that ignorance is not bliss, but just a safe way to live!

Keep the comments coming Bloggers…



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