Mac Users Should Get Antivirus Software

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In a notable shift, Apple is now recommending that Mac users install anti-virus software to help users secure their systems.

In a technical note quietly published to its support site on Nov. 21, Apple issued the following advice:

“Apple encourages the widespread use of multiple anti-virus utilities so that virus programmers have more than one application to circumvent, thus making the whole virus writing process more difficult.”

This is news to me. Just under three months ago, I asked an employee at our local Apple store whether I needed anti-virus for my MacBook, and was told not to bother, that it was not necessary. I wonder if this means Apple will stop running television ads saying Mac users don’t have to worry about malicious software?


Security Fix hears from readers constantly wondering whethr they should secure their Macs. I suspect this may be because more people are choosing to purchase Macs over PCs loaded with Vista. I always tell people that the best advice is to enable the built-in firewall, and to keep the machine updated with the latest patches from Cupertino – in addition to fixes for add-ons like Adobe Flash and Reader.

But more importantly, Mac users should be more cautious about the programs they choose to install on their systems. After all, the majority of all malicious software designed for Macs doesn’t use security flaws to break into systems: It tricks the user into agreeing to download and install it. While anti-virus software is designed to flag programs that are known threats, no security program can protect a system from a file or software the user chooses to install.

If you are considering anti-virus for your Mac, Apple recommends a few options (below). I should note that there is also a free anti-virus program available for OS X, called ClamXav. In addition, SecureMac offers a free Trojan detection tool. For the record, I’ve had Symantec anti-virus installed on my MacBook for nearly two years now and it has never so much as made a peep.

From the remainder of the Apple support advisory:

Here are some available anti-virus utilities:

ยท Intego VirusBarrier X5, available from the Apple Online Store
License: commercial

ยท Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 11 for Macintosh, available from the Apple Online Store
License: commercial

ยท McAfee VirusScan for Mac
License: commercial

I’d like to hear from any Mac readers out there: Do you use anti-virus on your Mac? If so, which security program(s) do you use? If you don’t use anti-virus software on your Mac, is Apple’s recommendation likely to change your mind? Sound off in the comments below.


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