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What if… messes you up

This is another way of saying, ‘Live in a world where everything is about to happen.” We all wish we could take back some of our actions and errors. I thought I’d pass on something that’s helped me through mistakes. This is more of a life coaching post about, moving on, and not mourning.

The heading is a saying of mine (for the record I replace the verb mentioned with an expletive). I use this term because saying ‘what if’ is mourning for what has gone. You might not always see it as a negative saying. I’m referring to the commonly used expression ‘what if things were different?’ If you don’t think you are mourning, you’re at least considering it with the ‘what if’ expression.

Mourning is really the cerebral side of feeling sad. There are no second takes with the things that happen to us. We just have to paint over our errors and misjudgments and make them work for us. I know I make it sound easy, but all illustrations are theoretical. So forgive me for picking at the same issue. I like to criticize ideas before I offer alternatives.

Mourning is hard because you are reminded of what you have lost. When you mourn, you’re not mourning the person’s death (as an example). You’re mourning the end of a process (life). We are not caught up by the loss, but by the process that represents it. Death is not the end; it is only the equals’ sign of the equation.

So yes, if someone leaves you, you will miss them because they’re gone. The suddenness of the event will shake you the most. I’ve actually written on the theme of lost. I think it’ll be an appropriate ending.

Years away from sleep

Don’t call me

For I am footsteps away
Drinking in the sleep
Coated cream sheets

Stay where you are
There is no time for
Your feet to patter
On the old oak

I am footsteps and feet
Away from sleep
Tomorrow come give me
Your deep voice and
Sweaty whisper

I don’t feel old with my
Dream thick curls
And button eyes

Come back to the story



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