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Filter Coffee and Abstract Poetry

By now I’ve written poetry, while doing many things. On the list would be the bathroom, studying, traveling, walking, crying, fuming, and waking up in the middle of the night. I’ve also learnt that not all poetry has to be written in a time of crisis.

The other day, I went and sat down in a coffee shop. I ordered one filter coffee and wrote a poem in between sips. It worked really well, the caffeine seemed to keep me alearnt and focussed. These poem might need a little editing, but here they are nonetheless. I’m never too shy with sharing my work (publishing online does that to you).

(These poems are untitled for the mean time.)


spider patch weave
thimble spark
leave long damp dark
to shiver.

nothing breaks, stumbles
starts, coffee, cure
memory, sugar, asks
hours, devours, one
tight handful
the end is the same.


only holes grope
the chances, which
finger flick away.
Hours turn cogs, that
grow into treasure chests
alive in our heads.

a bird battles to out live
the rest
(and escape itself)



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