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Schools, Throw out the USB

Nowadays you hardly have to wait a few months, and some kid is ripping up another in school. Columbine set a standard we’re all aiming for. A bunch of kids get picked on for no valid reason (as always), they get depressed, play lots of metal, and kill their tormentors. I’m talking about Universal Suicidal Boys. The USB…

What I’m also talking about, is a recent killing that took place in Krugersdorp, South Africa. One kid in high school (aged 18), smuggled three samurai swords into school, and killed a fellow classmate (aged 16). Fellow classmates decided it would be a good idea to stop this maniac, and were injured in the process. And at the end of it guess what happened? It was all blamed on Slipknot. Huh? I don’t get it. Yes, he was wearing a mask that resembled Corey Taylor, and yes he was a heavy Slipknot listener. To carry on going and blame a style of music for a death really baffles me. I’ve always believed that truth has many faces, and we can’t see all of them.

Here’s a hint to the ignorant dubbing Slipknot as satanic, and metal as evil. A teenager has far greater things to worry about than music. A good friend of mine grew up in that town, and he did mention that it was a town that listened to a lot of heavy music. Because why? It is a poor town. Now here’s a big hole in the Satanic theory already. Poverty places stress on you, this is why the lower class generally suffer from a higher crime rate. So next time you see parading ‘savages’ on the news demanding more pay, they don’t wave around clubs for fun…but rather because they are at their wits end.

Here’s reasons that may be stress our teenage killer out:

1 Being poor.

2 Being bullied (in and out of school).

3 Going home to parents who fight.

4 Bad results at school.

5 Being dumped by a girlfriend.

6 Being ostracized (this appears to be the same as bullying, although I believe it succeeds it.)

There could always be more on the list, I’m just limiting my debate.

USB being ostracized

Kids get picked on, then bullied and finally ostracized. The first time is pretty much someone taking a cheap shot at you. You really don’t feel anything, you’re just taking a cheap shot at someone. Here’s a rule of thumb in the playground. Bullies always have accomplishes. A bully is never alone, it wouldn’t be bullying then, more a personal grudge. The Second stage is when the victim has a herd chasing him. The victim is now made to feel inferior and an outcast. The last category, I put there because this is just about as extreme as racism.

Stress a killer?

I can’t blame stress as the cause for it all. Every situation has its own factors. All I want to say is that lets analyze the situation first. The media can be the worst at jumping to conclusions. They will exploit stories because that is what sells. I worked with journalists a few years ago. Being a journalists doesn’t always mean reporting the truth, but rather finding the most juiciest story possible. Some thing that will sell more papers

So yes this is a bit of a hobby horse of mine in case you haven’t noticed by now, but don’t go blaming things on a taboo of society. Also I think that bullying is an overlooked aspect of the play ground. Bad Parenting can lead to bullying but if teachers can grab a hold of kids first, that will be one more war conquered!

Just a thought fellow bloggers. Comments welcome as always…



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