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Stay Out Of The Water

We all have the potential to go to our darkest place. Most of us manage to leave a light on. – Sheriff Tom Underlay


We’ve all heard about aliens. Stereotypically they are anorexic, big-headed and have slightly pointy eyes. Then you get really scary bugs like the ones portrays in the Alien series with Sigourney Weaver.


Recently I came across aliens in a TV series, that are subtle and dare I say…beautiful. It’s a series called Invasion. The peaceful country town, the Everglades is hit by Hurricane Eve. Survivors are praised, and people start collecting their lives together. Although, these people are more than survivors, they’re what Dave (the sheriff’s brother in law) calls hybrids. Half of them is human, while another part is taken over by the alien, and beginning to change.


Russell and his wife Muriel are divorced. Russell (a park ranger) is married to Larkin (a local TV reporter), and his ex-wife is married to Tom (the local sheriff). Before I confuse you with names, here is the short version.



Russell and Larkin (they have two kids from Russell’s previous marriage.)

Tom and Muriel (they have one teenage girl).


In this series, aliens are dubbed EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities). The night of the hurricane, people reported yellow lights falling from the sky into the water. People that are attacked aren’t killed. There’s no flying saucer that sucks people up through a laser beam, just lights.


The EBEs grab people in the water them and pierce them with their legs. Family members report, that after this those infected seem distant and not themselves. More importantly the hybrids have an uncanny fascination with water. They’re mesmerized by it, and Muriel admits she can stay underwater for half and hour without taking a breath.


So, as events unfold in the first season, the more you learn the more confusing and mysterious it gets. Russell’s brother Dave is the only one who firmly believes they are aliens, and his daily blog soon gets the Military involved.



The concept is surely a refreshing one considering the genre. I’m about half way through the first season. The storyline is amazingly gripping, and this would definitely be my in top ten of TV series.




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