Damn Caucasians

There must be something wrong with the Caucasian race. Other cultures do cool things like have sacrifices and worship the dead. We pretty much get married, hump one person for say thirty odd years and have two kids (a western norm of course). There’s no natural chaos like ten kids milling round the supper table, or the husband having other partners (and of course the wife is okay with it…that’s her job.)

Maybe we should be pushing the boundaries in some way. Instead we jump into other countries grab some resources and say “thanks for the stay”. There’s nothing to it really. But if there’s one thing you shouldn’t let a Caucasian become, it is bored.

Don’t get us in that frame of mind. Yes we have kids that run up the walls of a house for exercise. Don’t get us bored, because then we become stupid and brainless. We have our kiddies that start killing themselves, our fathers go join a heavy metal band, and our mothers become hookers. We’re one of those fickle people, who can make or break the species.

We’ll either be the school jock, or the fat guy that’s picked on. Think about it we have people like Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, and Albert Einstein. They’re all white boys…then you get people that light their own fart, and start diving into bushes when drunk. We’re a stoopid race. We have survived this far, but according to evolution we’ve still got a good million years to prove our genes.

Just a thought for others who are also part of the same problem!



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