What’s the big deal? (aka an evolution ranting)

The human race is not very significant if you look at it by taking all of what evolved before us into account. It is said that if we could simplify evolvotion and stick it on a calendar (i.e. that earth being born on the first of January) we would be born 15 minutes before midnight! Wow, everything else seemed to be stupid enough to die out.

Also according to estimates of all species, so this isn’t just lion, whale, frog, etc its all the bits, variations and types. So of all the species that have ever existed 99.9999% (that’s for 9s if my memory is in the right place) of them are extinct. So we are either very brave and/or intelligent enough to beat all the stupid gene to the top. Or (on the downside) we could be pasing out of existence in give or take two millions years.Β  The last fact was only my idiocy speaking, while several of the former ones were from a documentary The 11th Hour.

I’m sure most people thought, groan…now a pretty boy (Leo di Caprio) is trying to juggle the same balls Al Gore did. Well, I too was on the sceptical end. I appreciate the facts, but having an old man waving his finger al over the place was too much for me. Surprisingly this film didn’t turn out to be as damning as the previous Significant Truth.

I will give this review a thumbs up, while Al Gore I’d give a pinkie for content. This was more broad and focussed more on us humans than the environment. I found it a relief to know that 90% of the particles we are made up of aren’t human but rather from nature. We only have a 10% smidgeon of hope that separa

tes us from apes and animals.

This film/documentariy is refreshing, so go ahead and sink your brain into it! I certainly benfitted…



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