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Revenge on Estella Warren (in Photoshop)

My previous post spoke of taking unwanted pictures and transforming them into something that is more pleasing to the artistic eye. Well here I took a picture of Estella Warren. The original picture of her was topless. I decided to crop it from the shoulders up. I applied a Gaussian Blur to try and get rid of the grain and ‘bumpy’ bits. But I must admit that I had a tough time with this image because the resolution is fairly small. I give the original picture below and then the various effects I used. This was all done in the filter gallery. If anyone is interested in trying the same thing you can leave your comments, and I’ll email you the original version. I found the filter gallery a nice basic introduction to Photoshop. In the last image I got bored of making Estella look arty, and took out my revenge on her!

Original cropped image.

This one I bleached and took the color out of it.

Can’t remember the exact combinations for this one.

Filter Gallery > Brush Strokes > Crosshatch

Filter Gallery > Brush Strokes > Dark Strokes

Filter Gallery > Sketch > Notepaper

Filter Gallery > Sketch > Torn Edges

Filter > Liquify



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