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Drinking means surviving (the working world?)

Everyday I walk past the local pub. This doesn’t happen to be when there are happy drunk people shouting, and hollering. It happens early in the morning. Everyday I see the remnants of drunken people. What strikes me is not the amount of bottles or used cigarette packets, not even that no one cleans it up late in the evening, it is the consistency of seeing empty beer bottles in the morning.

I see them every morning. This brings me to one conclusion that our society (the wealthy part) is run on liquor. If you think about it profit is a pure miracle, and having a few drinks (or a few too many drinks) after work is standard. It amazes me that in the 1920s America banned liquor with prohibition laws. People back then were stupid enough to try and ban the second most popular drug of all time (the first being sex).

Even Jesus Christ turned water into wine. This wasn’t so people could have a single glass and call it a day. They were at a wedding, and people were starting to sober up. So JC didn’t want the party to end either, and put some of his skills to the best. Of course when recalled it’s done for the good of the people, and with the best intentions. At the end of the day even Jesus was getting people pissed.

So what is my point after all this ranting. People enjoy drinking, so we decide to legalize this so if people do fall over and die, they’re the ones with pie in their face.

Three Cheers!



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