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Weed…was it worth it?

Some people, write when they are high. They’ll smoke weed, pop a pill, whichever it is to get the rush. My philosophy? Why not. Experimenting is healthy, just don’t make it a crutch. I tried weed to see what all the fuss was about.

Well their are two ways of taking it: a) ingest it or b) inhale it. I chose the latter one simply because buying some rizla worked out cheaper and less time-consuming than baking a cake.

So I walk to the local garage and with my most casual appearance mumble the word ‘rizla’ to the attendant at the counter. She seems to know the word and even offers me King Size or Regular.

I choose King Size.

I bought it from Anonymous. At work he told me to ‘clean’ the sploofs first. (Sploofs was the form I bought them in. It was little rolled up joints about two inches each, I bought five of them.) I was told that out of that I could make ten joints out of the five sploofs given. So with a paper pad and a credit card I sorted out the sploofs and cleaned the weed, taking out the seeds and the stems.

When it came to rolling it, it kinda got tricky. I was prepared to buy a bankie, so the weed wouldn’t be so knotted up in balls. So I took what I could and then realized the problem. The weed was uneven, so rolling it up into a joint creased the rizla, and put small air pockets into it, so when lit the joint burnt faster. I’m not a regular smoker, so my lungs roasted a bit since I sucked in what I could when the rizla burnt like Hell (literally, and don’t ask how I know about Hell). Each joint I made lasted about five lights and pulls.

I smoked two joints at a sitting, leaving several hours between the next round. You could say I suffered from a little indoctrination aswell, since I watched the tv series weeds. Other research (I made a note of doing, and then carried out) was reading up about it in an encyclopedia, researching it on the internet, and learning how to grow it for yourself. I inquired about the growing bit really out of curiosity, since some people earn money off it, I thought it’s be interesting to read up more on how they went about it.

The research wasn’t anything new from what I’d learnt already about weed (from reliable sources). The hydroponics was fascinating since this was now crossing the barrier into botany. And hey, why not learn to look after plants so you can spend some time getting high on them. Keeping a plant alive is keeping your business alive.

A work colleague of mine called me a professor in a long line of insults. I naturally took it as a rather fetching compliment, on backing up what I say. Being a prof has a decent ring to it although; I’m not a silly nut who stands by a podium and waffles. Nah…I’d rather go into the field, being proactive and old-fashioned.

I’ll only try everything twice.

(With regards to weeds I’ll treat it as an experience, not a new past-time.)



One thought on “Weed…was it worth it?

  1. So you bought it, it burned, and you inquired about growing it…

    Did you get high? Stoned? Relaxed… ?

    Could be an interesting description of the results from such a highly creative guy!

    – Reelix

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