Recent Poetry

the rain

he spilled the smoke

into the air.

once he’d opened

binbag lips (the rest)

remained behind

fog again

you could never tell

why he could smell

the rain coming

he ate unspoken words

from my head


i find myself thinking

when I stop to

examine my

wheelbarrow bruises

the pain of everyday

written into my crinkled


i am not a soldier


i am human he felt

crawled up to me

with black cracked


– we can share? –

i looked at the orange

snuggled in my hands.

a ball of my embodiment

still alive

i insisted and,

he peeled away the

corners with an eye

of life

he broke the bread

i ate the orange

in remembrance

of it.


the boy with two teeth

sold the script – our

lives were written on

nothing but gums to

smile away the guns

and dirty words, sunk into

the Skin

– he gave me

a headline i couldn’t pay for

As always comments are always welcome on anything in the blog. These is why I make the blog open to non-Word Press users, I may suffer from a bit of spam as a result, but I can take it!

*May the Muse be with other writers out there*



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