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No Religion, just a condition

The world today has gradually become more honest with itself by discarding monarch and tyrant, and along the same lines fundamentalist faith systems. The general rule nowadays is that there is no religion. Well, I find that a very liberating thought. We have to create our own fruit salad, and choose what works for us. I’ve heard someone say that the basis of fundamentalism is anxiety. The fear of meeting someone on ‘the other side’.

I think eventually people might want a change of atheism/agnosticism. I can just picture it. There is a row of fold-out chairs. Everyone is nervously holding a cup of coffee, and trying to look at the others, but also avoid being looked at.
The leader is a friendly middle-aged woman, full of beads and red hair. She stands up and announces:
“Everybody today we have a new member of our society…” she gives a dramatic pause. It is clear now who the person is.

There is a tall man who can’t hold up his head straight. He is perched on the side of his chair, ready to rise up to his audience. The leader gives a warm therapeutic smile, and continues. “His name is Jim, and he has a wife and two beautiful daughters.”

Nothing like feeling like a common man, Jim thinks as he stands. Jim looks tall and awkward. It’s almost as if an elastic in his back stretched in the wash.

“Hello everyone my name is Jim.”
“Hi Jim,” come the replies with little synchronization.
“Um…I’m an addict. I’ve been a Christian for two months now.”
One or two sympathetic looks escape.
“I’m trying to quit the Atheism, but it’s not killing me like alcohol would.”

He reasons openly.
“I think this is about rejecting everyone else.”
If there was a noise other than Jim’s voice, everything had gone solid and silent.
“I can’t keep this up…it’s madness.”
Jim walks out of the hall, creating whispers in his wake.

Dammit! this feels like I’m telling a parable, but anyway my point is that we are conditioned to accept institutionalized religion. By the age of 10 we’re supposed to be shitting ourselves, and praying fiercely to stay out of hell.

I disagree with that, why put children through all that stress? You may not have noticed…but when you tell a young child with a fertile imagination that there is a chance they may burn forever…they aren’t thinking of a candle. They’re thinking of Scarface from the Lion King with his hungry cronies around him, throwing you into a river of flames.

So my motto would be there is no religion, only conditions we put on people. We force people unnecessarily. Following a god or deity, is only following something you want. We should follow consciousness, for me that goes beyond a religion. By consciousness I mean a personal awareness, and insight gained through your own journey. To face more of yourself is painful, although you’re finding out the grooves in life, and which rut in the road you fit best in.

Consciousness is a two way thing. It starts off by opening yourself on the inside, and journeying through your shit with a trained mentor/counselor/therapist. The second part of consciousness is opening your head to everything outside of yourself. On one level is a universal respect for your fellow man (even the annoying car guard.) If you are conscious you are aware of his situation.

At the same time respecting people doesn’t mean accepting them. Some people don’t deserve that,although we now see them better. It’s like the difference between hearing and listening. Well if you start to pursue the path of being conscious, you start to take in people instead of glancing over the surface.

Hope this doesn’t sound too trippy (Pulp Fiction quote unquote)

Just a thought






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