The Complete If in Doubt… List

Many people doubt themselves everyday. You could say that it’s because we’re too careful, or we assume we won’t make it, or screw up something so we doubt.


Doubt is a bit like blaming yourself. There’s that sinking feeling you get when you doubt things. It’s negative criticism they you’re listening to. It can be the inability to make a strong and clear decision (i.e. the one without questioning? Anyway everyone likes to have a Scape goat, around.


I don’t mean this is the sense of bailing out of trouble, what I do find is that its reassuring when your doubt (and possible fear) is laid to rest. I could carry on in this shrink-like tone, but instead I’ll give you the options. Don’t think you have to try and use them all the following in the list. Read it as rough guide.


So here we go!


If in Doubt…    


  1. Think to yourself, “I wish Spiderman was here.”
  2. (Emo response) slit your wrists and write a poem about it.
  3. Blame a foreigner.
  4. Go and surf the Web.
  5. Think if it as coincidence and not fact.
  6. Let it out.
  7. Leave it out.
  8. Keep it to yourself
  9. Have a fight, someone has to win.
  10. (Male Response) Run away and scream like a girl
  11. (Female Response) Got to you best friend, have an hour along conversation. Bring others around and base your thoughts and feelings on a general decision.
  12. Drink beer.
  13. Tell yourself, “Its only a movie.”
  14. (During an exam) Choose C.
  15. Make up a statistic to your friends and distract yourself this way.
  16. Kick a dog.
  17. Blame a foreigner.
  18. Use violence.
  19. Eat chocolate, and watch a heart-warming movie.
  20. Annihilate something cute and small.
  21. Throw a tantrum.
  22. Play a prank.
  23. Tell a Chuck Norris Joke.
  24. Ask yourself “What Would Hitler Do?”
  25. Accuse a small kid and/or make him cry.





Doubt happens to be one of the first steps in becoming a civilian and moving away from the criminal element. This is a product of being horribly bored at work. So if you are bored you’ll enjoy it aswell!





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