Highly Recommended Films

The number 23



Reason: Complex story about a man who becomes obsessed with the number, that he himself read in a novel. The plot is winding, and as emotionally manipulating as a serial killer. A very good performance by Jim Carrey








Reason: Based on a Stephen King Short story, this is about a ‘haunted’ room in the Dolphin Hotel in New York. A horror writer investigates it regardless of the number of people that didn’t ‘come out alive’. Despite the initial appearance of a standard horror thriller. This tale is fierce and riveting. The ideas in the plot have churned themselves up into a tight ball of wondering. Very thought provoking, and something that will ownly fully resolve itself in the mind of the reader.






Running with Scissors




Reason: Based on a true story, this is the story of a young gay guy who is in the middle of family drama. He is taken into the home of his mother’s psychologist to live. This is emotionally draining and painful to watch, but it is so unusually filmed and spoken. The cinematography speaks as vividly as memories. Let’s not forget this underlying craziness makes the characters themselves bring in humor in a very odd world.









Reason: The story of an Austrailian drug addict and his wife (who later becomes a prostitute). It is about him and his wife’s struggle and survival in the lower class. The story line is bland, bleak, but nonetheless an eye opener into the life of the poor. Heath Ledger is inspiring with his realism.






The Prestige


Reason: The story of a magician who competes to become the best, and perform the magic trick that his rival so effortlessly accomplishes. It is good because of its tremendous twist in the tale at the end. A clever plot.









Reason: 11:14 is the time at night when certain events collide. A murder on a highway, a theft in a grocery store, and a teen running away from home are some of the stories of mismatched people that converge at fourteen minutes passed eleven. It is incredible because there are several different story lines that are initially confusing and odd. However they all come together in a flabbergasting conclusion. Well worth it if you want to do some thinking and not just accept the plot as it is.






Wicker Park



Reason: A story of a man searching for his lover in the past. His determination to find her becomes blocked by another woman. Told in events that are far from chronological, this is a story of two passionate lives that desperately fight against the separation that stops them. This film has one of my highest recommendations. This is because the cinematography is ‘crisp romanticism’ and the plot is mottled and believable.










Reason: Two teen girls are keen to experience the underground world of drugs, muscled men, and expensse clothes for themselves. They are drawn in with a drug addict who shows them a world that they weren’t expecting to see. These two become sucked in a place where it might be too late to escape. This movie grew on me. The portrayal of teens and drug lords is frighteningly accurate. This is a film geared towards shocking the viewers, particularly with its sex. Although the conclusion is very powerful which is the reason for me choosing it.








Reason: There are highly intelligent ‘robots’ that are from another planet. The evil ones are hunting a boy who is the only one who can give them what they want in order to resurrect an evil leader. All he has is a second hand car his father bought him, which starting behaving strangly. This is typical comic book kinda fun. It is good against evil. It’s the whole do-something-now-or-else-everything-you-know-and love-is-lost theme. It is fast-paced, riddled with explosions and super intelligent robots kicking human butt.











Reason: A wife is caught up in a déjà vu type of situation. There are events that happen so randomly, she feels herself being throw around and out of control of the events before and after her husband’s death. Her greatest fear is that not everything she sees happens to be true.

Sandra Bullock plays an amazing role.




These were a selection I made a while ago, I also like the spread of genre’s













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