Photography, Rantings

What happens when you stay up too late…

What does happen? The possibilities are endless I guess. I do suffer from insomnia which is anxiety related. So tonight I couldn’t sleep, and this is what happened when I decided to stay up too late. I got hooked on Flickr, and was browsing images at a relentless pace. There’s an unimaginable amount of photos there, which means it’s a perfect thing too keep an insomniac busy.


Here are some of the discoveries I made. There is no order and they are all done by different photographers. (Yes, I regretfully don’t acknowledge the artists behind these images. In the future I’ll try to be more resourceful, with that sort of thing.)























Like I said they are all in a totally random order, although each one spoke in its own way.



Flickr pretty good medicine for insomnia (I’m not sure it cured it though.)





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