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The Nerd Wins After All

I’ve just been watching The Hill Have Eyes 2, and thought I’d add it to my blog. Look it’s a crappy movie, but it’s good to know what to avoid once in a while. This one picks up from the last one. It’s about an old military nuclear testing area that has deformed these people. An unfortunate family found it in the desert on a road trip. They got stranded, and ended up facing these semi-humans that wanted to keep eating whatever they could.


Now this one picks up with a team of Scientists researching the area. They are killed. A military team is sent to go and send supplies. When they come upon the scene they find the people to be dead. They end up being hunted down.





The DVD poster.



Why it didn’t match up?


Well making a sequel is always hard. To build on an original idea takes a lot of work. This storyline felt more like a filler to a hopefully more solid sequel to this Horror series. There was too much predictability. The team gets separated, and you know that they’re going down one by one. Nothing new was discovered in the plot. All you knew was there were these ‘people’ in the minds that were breeding by making women pregnant. All men were killed.


So they either die or survive. They don’t find out anything about the creatures, other than they might be sensitive to light. I picked this up when one of the creatures cowered when a torch beam was pointed at him. Although some members of the team were killed out in the open.



The Three Survivors



Being a Nerd has its uses


The nerdy guy won in the end…what more can I say? He didn’t have much strength, although he used his head. He was the medic on the team, but even a medic has to have combat training. What always seems fake is that when these guys are in combat, the moment after they kill the enemy…it looks like their first time. They always appear shaken, and look across towards their team mates with a startled. Anyway the nerd managed to stay out of the way of various knifes and guns, and remained alive by the end of the film.


Whether that’ll continue in the sequel remains to be seen…






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